OfficeSmart Furniture Catalogue Vol 1

White Powdercoat Top Options : Certifications : Frame Finishes : Black Powdercoat Natural Oak with Scalloped edge Natural White with Scalloped edge • 25mm Thick E0 melamine board table top with 50mm D scalloped edge for cable access • New Cable Tray Design With Provisions To Hold Up To 12 GPO Or Data Points Per User • Modular Wiring Components Not Included – See Softwiring Range • Powder Coated 3 Stage Frame with a Single Heavy Duty Motor • 100kg Lifting Capacity • Optional 30mm Thick screen with pinnable fabric • New Desk Mounted & Clamp On Shelf Options • Optional Pre-set Controller compatible Features : Grey Fabric / Black Frame Black Fabric / White Frame Screen Finishes : Double Sided Options : • Offers the ability to program 3 different height settings for up to 3 individual users each • Or use the up and down buttons for quick adjustment to desk height without affecting the programmed heights • Programmable handset can be added to electric height adjustable desk at anytime • Available for Extra • Product Code: SS-PSC Optional Pre-set controller : Y E A R W A R R A N T Y Y E A R W A R R A N T Y 5 CLAMP ON SHELF OPTIONAL PRE-SET CONTROLLER • Available in White with White or Black with Natural Oak • Clamps onto desk top • 25mm Thick E0 Rated Enviroboard Shelf • Drilled Provisions For Wire Dividers • 4 x Wire Dividers Included Optional Clamp on shelf : 39 PARAMOUNT HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SINGLE SIDED · WITH OR WITHOUT SCREEN DOUBLE SIDED · WITH OR WITHOUT SCREEN NPM1P1575 NO/WS White Frame Scalloped Edge 1500mm, Natural Oak Top NPM1PWS1875 NW/BL Black Frame Scalloped Edge 1800mm, Natural White Top NPM2P1575 NO/BL Black Frame Scalloped Edge 1500mm, Natural Oak Tops NPM2PWS1875 NW/WS White Frame Scalloped Edge 1800mm, Natural White Tops Single Sided Options : PARAMOUNT HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE WORKSTATION Product Code Users Screen Width Depth Height Range NPM2P1575 2 None 1500mm 1530mm 655 - 1259mm NPM2P1875 2 None 1800mm 1530mm 655 - 1259mm NPM2PWS1575 2 Yes 1500mm 1530mm 655 - 1259mm NPM2PWS1875 2 Yes 1800mm 1530mm 655 - 1259mm Product Code Users Screen Width Depth Height Range NPM1P1575 1 None 1500mm 750mm 655 - 1259mm NPM1P1875 1 None 1800mm 750mm 655 - 1259mm NPM1PWS1575 1 Yes 1500mm 780mm 655 - 1259mm NPM1PWS1875 1 Yes 1800mm 780mm 655 - 1259mm NPM2PWS1875 NW/WS White Frame, Scalloped Edge 1800mm, Natural Oak Tops *With Pre-set controller installed CMSHELF600 Black with Natural Oak or White with Natural White